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About Access Restrictions to Electronic Resources

Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

BJH (Limited to) SLCH (Limited to) Proxy (Remote Access) WUSM Off Campus
UpToDate Online
American Academy of Pediatrics Journals
Applied Clinical Informatics
Harriet Lane Handbook
Red Book Online
UpToDate Online
Unrestricted Access to All Becker Resources Unrestricted Access to All Becker Resources No Access without Proxy

Becker Library Departments and Staff

Becker Medical Library is organized into several departments which play unique roles in serving the Washington University School of Medicine community.

Select one of the departments below to learn more and to view the members of that department.


Complete Staff Listing

Name Phone E-mail Title
Altman, Robert 314-362-2778 Head, Library Technology Services
Bonnel, Ellen 314-747-0023 Library Assistant
Brander, Elisabeth 314-362-4235 Rare Book Librarian
Coen, Stephanie 314-747-0023 Library Assistant
Doering, Michelle 314-362-6208 Clinical Librarian
Engeszer, Bob 314-362-4735 Associate Director, Translational Research Support
Gallaher, Emily 314-454-2768 Clinical Librarian
Gilliam, Anise 314-747-0042 Serials Assistant
Hannibal, Denise 314-362-2797 Acquisitions Librarian
Hansen, Judy 314-454-2350 Consumer Health Librarian
Hardi, Angela 314-362-2787 Clinical Librarian
Hennessey, Sue 314-747-0020 Senior Dept. Accounting Asst.
Huth, John 314-747-2166 Library Assistant
Kettler, Rose 314-362-2774 Admin. Coordinator
Klosterman, Daniel 314-747-0023 Library Assistant
Lipsey, Kim 314-362-4733 Coordinator of Education Services for Health Information Services
Logsdon, Stephen 314-362-4239 Head of Archives
Martin, Zoe 314-362-2781 Accounting Assistant II
Mathieu, Barb 314-362-2780 Verification & Assistance
McKinney, Brian 314-747-0044 Binding and Preservation Assistant
Mosley, Olivia 314-747-0023 Library Assistant
Ndonwi, Maze 314 362-4737 Senior Support Scientist
Potts, Nathaniel 314-747-0023 Library Assistant
Riley, Martha 314-362-2788 Rare Books Cataloger & Archivist
Rosengarten, Angie 314-747-0023 Evening Circulation Supervisor
Sarli, Cathy 314-362-7865 Senior Librarian
Schaffer, Marysue 314-362-0997 Associate Director, Collection Management
Schoening, Paul 314-362-3119 Associate Dean and Director
Simon, Laura 314-362-8485 Clinical Librarian
Skroska, Philip 314-362-4230 Visual and Graphic Archivist
Steinbeck, Lucas 314-362-7377 Library Systems Specialist
Suiter, Amy 314-362-2188 Scholarly Publishing Librarian
Swearingen, Joelene 314-362-2785 Finance Director
Swofford, Laura 314-362-2790 Marketing Manager
Thomas, Debbie 314-362-9729 Associate Director, Health Information Services
Vana, Marcy 314-362-2796 Senior Support Scientist
Vani, Anna 314-362-3481 Catalog Librarian
Voorhees, Mychal 314-362-4734 Health Communication and Training Specialist
Yaeger, Lauren 314-362-8092 Clinical Librarian
Zerkel, James 314-747-0023 Library Assistant