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Kim Lipsey

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Kim Lipsey
Coordinator of Education Services for Health Information Services

Kim Lipsey is the Coordinator of Education Services for Health Information Resources at Washington University’s Bernard Becker Medical Library and has worked here since 1993. In addition to her reference duties, she has developed a number of classes for the Library’s Education Series covering major Internet protocols. She now teaches a popular course on the use of EndNote, a file management program. As liaison to several departments Kim serves an integral role in fostering long life learning skills. In 2004, Kim was awarded the Bernard Becker Medical Library Bright Idea Award and she coordinated the Becker Library’s 2005 Open House/Symposium on Managing Knowledge in the Digital Domain.

In addition, Kim was a speaker at the Academic Publishing Services Workshop in May 2005, Strategies for Manuscript Publishing 3: Creating Figures, Tables and References, and Considering Copyright and Ethics, EndNote vs Reference Manager.

In 2002, Kim conducted a training session, Using EndNote for Managing a Bibliography at the Health Service Research Methods Seminars which are held in conjunction with the AcademyHealth Annual Meeting. More recently, she presented a session on the Basic Function of Endnote at the workshop: “FROM RESEARCH TO PRESENTATION” sponsored by the Becker Library.

In 1997, Kim co-authored a paper presented at the Internet Librarians Conference in California on Program Design for Internet Training. She also presented a paper at the 2002 Diversity Building a Strategic Future Conference at University of Iowa; Another Dimension of Diversity: Interactions Among Minority Librarians. Previously, she worked as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where she taught an information technology class in the Communications Department. On a national level she presented two posters at the 2010 National Conference of African American Librarians "Culture Keepers VII: Bridging the Divide with Information Access, Activism and Advocacy" on Embedding Librarians with Liaison Departments and Library Collaborations: Library Services for Unique Communities.



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