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Check Out the 2016 BMJ Christmas Issue

Every year the British Medical Journal (BMJ) includes a series of witty, light-hearted, or simply thought-provoking articles and editorials in their holiday issue. Here are a few selections*:

Is Caviar a Risk Factor for Being a Millionaire?

Anders Huitfeldt examines the concept of “risk factor” using an unusual research topic!

Gotta Catch'em All!: Pokemon GO and Physical Activity among Young Adults: Difference in Differences Study (Open Access)

This cohort study sought to estimate the effect of playing Pokemon GO on the number of steps taken daily by young adults and to see if an increase in number of steps was sustained over time.

Sniffing out Significant "Pee Values": Genome Wide Association Study of Asparagus Anosmia (Open Access)

The objective of this research study was to "determine the inherited factors associated with the ability to smell asparagus metabolites in urine."

Fake Penicillin, The Third Man, and Operation Claptrap

Paul Newton and Brigitte Timmermann uncover the truth that inspired Graham Greene’s film, The Third Man, and highlight a continuing problem with the manufacture of fake prescription drugs.

War Games and Diagnostic Errors

Valerie Vaughn and her co-authors explore how cognitive biases almost led to disaster during the Cold War, and how lessons from history can help clinicians reconsider causes of diagnostic errors.

The Gatekeeper and the Wizard: The Gatekeepers goes Digital

Paul Hodgkin examines the changing role of general practitioners in the digital age.

Evidence, Expertise, and Facts in the “Post-Truth” Society

This timely editorial looks back at Oxford English dictionary’s word of the year (post-truth) and reflects on why seeking and explaining evidence to all is still vitally important.

This year the BMJ also has a Christmas Advent Calendar where you can read a different classic article each day from past holiday issues:

You can access the complete BMJ here:

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