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Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

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Less Paper, More Space: Library to Begin Project to Shrink its Print Journal Collection

Becker Medical Library will soon begin an extensive project to reclaim floor space on its 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors that is currently occupied by bound journals. A significant portion of the print material on these floors will be relocated or eliminated, freeing the space to be used for other purposes. Much of the content shelved on these floors is available online to the WUSM community or is easily available via interlibrary loan. The book and reference collections on the library’s lower level will remain unchanged.

In this era of online access the opportunity cost of keeping paper is too high in the face of other library needs. In fact, many of our peer institutions have already dramatically reduced or completely eliminated their print journal collections. Becker Medical Library is pursuing this project now as a proactive measure to thoughtfully review and prune its journal collection. The reclaimed space will be converted to open study and collaborative space as planning begins for its eventual repurposing.

Becker Medical Library has for years been laying the groundwork for this project by licensing e-journals and acquiring the digital backfiles of popular and heavily used journals. Very little of our contemporary journal collection (i.e. the past 20 years) exists on paper, it is nearly all online. However, many of the journals shelved on floors 2 through 4 date back to the early 20th century. To ensure that important information is not lost during the reclamation project a comprehensive weeding plan based on factors including subject relevance, years held, online availability, usage, and historical significance has been created. Since much of the material is outdated, donating it is not appropriate; instead we are investigating the possibility of recycling it. In the spirit of transparency a list of titles and volumes to be removed will be published on the library’s web site and updated as the project proceeds (see below).

We are excited to begin this project and about the possibilities it unveils for innovative new library programs supporting the school’s mission far into the future.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Paul Schoening
Associate Dean and Director, Bernard Becker Medical Library

Journals being withdrawn: 

Phase 1:

Phase 2 (Added 2/26/2015):

  • CSV (34 KB) |  PDF (102 KB) |  XLSX (38 KB)

Phase 3 (Added 3/31/2015):

  • CSV (19 KB) |  PDF (111 KB) |  XLSX (29 KB)

Phase 4 (final) (Added 4/28/2015):

  • CSV (52 KB) |  PDF (108 KB) |  XLSX (68 KB)

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