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About Access Restrictions to Electronic Resources

Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

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NCBI Discovery Workshops at Washington University

NCBI will be at Washington University in St. Louis July 26-27, 2011 for a series of Discovery Workshops. Each Workshop will consist of four 2.5-hour hands-on sessions emphasizing a different set of NCBI resources. Each session uses specific examples to highlight important features of the resources and tools under study and to demonstrate how to accomplish common tasks.

The four modules of the Discovery Workshop focus on the following areas:

  1. Sequences, Genomes and Maps
  2. Proteins, Domains and Structures
  3. NCBI BLAST Services
  4. Human Variation and Disease Genes

Participants may attend all or any combination of these sessions. Each session is entirely hands-on.* The instructor will present a specific example using the live NCBI web site followed by a period of individual practice on related problems. Detailed handouts for each session will provide step-by-step instructions and additional information about each example. Each session will also provide opportunities for participants to provide comments and suggestions on NCBI services and also to attend individual consultations with NCBI staff.

NCBI Discovery Workshop Schedule:

Tuesday July 26, 2011:

  • 9:00-11:30AM -- Sequences, Genomes and Maps
  • 1:00-3:30PM -- Proteins, Domains and Structures
  • 3:45-5:00PM -- Individual Consultations

Wednesday July 27, 2011:

  • 9:00-11:30AM -- NCBI BLAST Services
  • 1:00-3:30PM -- Human Variation and Disease Genes
  • 3:45-5:00PM -- Individual Consultations


All sessions will be held in Holden Auditorium in the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center on the Washington University School of Medicine Campus.

Register at

Please contact Kristi Holmes at if you have any questions.

* Attendees will need to bring their own laptop to use during the sessions.

* Please note: Becker Briefs pages may contain links, email addresses or information about resources which are no longer current.