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New Exhibits at Becker Medical Library

Skeleton drawn by Gerard de Lairesse
Skeleton, posterior-lateral view, as drawn by Gérard de Lairesse, in Govard Bidloo's Ontleding des menschelyken lichaams (1734).

The Becker Medical Library has unveiled two new exhibits, "Dissection in Still Life" and "Medical Journeys." Both feature images and materials from the library's Archives and Rare Books department.

"Dissection in Still Life"

"Dissection in Still Life, or the Published Work of Gérard de Lairesse" is on display in the Robert J. and Helen H. Glaser History of Medicine Gallery on the 7th floor of the Library. On exhibit until December 31, 2007, the exhibit features anatomical plates from three beautiful works by Baroque artist Gérard de Lairesse (1640-1711). Though known primarily as a painter and art theorist, Lairesse drew the visually stunning anatomical figures for Govard Bidloo's anatomy, first published in 1685. Like all great anatomical illustration, the plates represent collaboration between physician and artist. The anatomical plates reached a wider audience twelve years later when William Cowper bought (or stole) Lairesse's 105 plates from Bidloo's publisher.

Anatomical plates by Lairesse on display are from later editions of the medical anatomies by Bidloo (1734) and Cowper (1737 & 1750). Also on view are anthropometrical plates by Albrecht D'rer and anatomical plates by Leonardo da Vinci. Lairesse used these to illustrate his treatise on painting, Groot Schilderboek (1740).

"Dissection in Still Life" is on view daily during normal library hours.

"Medical Journeys"

"Medical Journeys: Transplanting Medical Knowledge Across the World" is an online exhibit that explores the experiences of physicians and medical scientists who ventured to and from St. Louis and the Washington University School of Medicine. "Medical Journeys" brings to light items from several of the archival collections of the Washington University School of Medicine pertaining to physicians and medical scientists who immigrated to Missouri from foreign countries in the 19th and 20th centuries and to Missouri physicians and medical scientists who traveled abroad to research, teach and share their expertise.

Photographs, texts, oral histories and memorabilia from the archival collections of physicians and scientists such as Gustav Baumgarten, Carl and Gerty Cori, Paul H. Stevenson, and Michel Ter-Pogossian illustrate the pathway of medical knowledge across borders. The online image gallery includes items from over 35 visual collections held by the Archives of the Washington University School of Medicine. Textual material was drawn from scores of the manuscript and institutional collections held in the Becker Medical Library.

Funding for the "Medical Journeys" project was awarded by the Missouri State Library using funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the federal Library Services and Technology Act.

For more information about these exhibits, please email or call 314-362-4236.

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