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Notable African-Americans in Science & Technology Poster Series

American innovation is richer due to the many contributions of African-American scientists and inventors. From Colonial times through today, African-Americans and others from the African diaspora have contributed to advancements in the natural, formal and social sciences.

Washington University School of Medicine is pleased to highlight a few of these pioneers leading the way in science. Despite the obstacles they faced personally and professionally, their scientific inquiries have significantly impacted and moved their fields of inquiry forward.

This series of posters highlighting Notable African-Americans in Science and Technology will be on display as follows:

  • WUSM Becker Medical Library, 2/1/18-2/11/18
  • FLTC Atrium, 2/12-18-2/28/18
  • WUSTL Seigle Hall, 3/5/18 – 3/29/18
  • The James E. McLeod Honors and Awards Program, 4/30/18 on the WUSTL campus
  • WUSM FLTC Atrium, 8/1/18-8/31/18

Among the many featured scientists and inventors are:

  • Sarah K. England, PhD, Wolff Professor of Medicine, Ob/Gyn - Research & Operations and
  • Samuel Achilefu, PhD, Professor of Radiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics & Biomedical Engineering; Chief, Optical Radiology Laboratory; Director, Molecular Imaging Center; Co-Leader, Oncologic Imaging Program of the NCI-designated Siteman Cancer Center of Excellence; Michel M. Ter-Pogossian Endowed Chair in Radiology

The founding sponsors of this poster series were the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences’ Office of Diversity Programs, and the Becker Medical Library Health Information Services Department. Special thanks to contributors:

  • Wayne A. Warner, Chancellor’s Fellow, The Link Lab, Oncology Division, Sections of SCB & BMT, WUSM
  • Michelle Doering, Health Information Services Department, Becker Medical Library, WUSM
  • Kim Lipsey, Coordinator, Education Services for the Health Information Services Department, Becker Medical Library, WUSM
  • Roz Robinson, Project Manager, Office of Medical Student Research, WUSM
  • Rochelle Smith, Assistant Provost, Diversity Initiatives

This is a traveling display throughout the campuses. For details about the WUSM Notable African-American Poster Series please contact or

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