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About Access Restrictions to Electronic Resources

Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

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UpToDate Online
American Academy of Pediatrics Journals
Applied Clinical Informatics
Harriet Lane Handbook
Red Book Online
UpToDate Online
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Office of Faculty Affairs Topics Series, "Enhancing Your Research" presented by Becker Medical Library

Becker Medical Library is offering a series of presentations, "Enhancing Your Research," for the Office of Faculty Affairs Thursday Topics Series, in March and April, held in the Schwarz Auditorium in the Maternity Building (main floor), Noon to 1:00 pm.  The Library will provide free pizza and drinks.

Thurs., March 18
Managing your Research Work Flow
Speaker: Kim Lipsey

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File management programs can save you time, search online databases, organize your references, grab PDF documents, create formatted bibliographies, and much more. From widely used programs such as EndNote and RefWorks to new, free tools such as Connotea and Papers come and learn how file management programs are evolving and how to find the one that works the way YOU work.
Thurs., March 25
Assessing the Impact of Your Research
Speaker: Cathy Sarli

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This presentation will cover the concept of research impact, review various indicators of research impact that transcend traditional measures of scientific output and guidance for locating indicators of research impact. The presentation will also introduce the Becker Medical Library Model for Assessment of Research as a tool for investigators to document and quantify their research impact.
Thurs., April 1
Strategies for Enhancing the Impact of Your Research
Speaker: Kristi Holmes

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Improving access and retrieval of your research study is the surest way to enhance its impact. Repetition, consistency, and an awareness of the intended audience form the basis of most the strategies discussed during this session. This presentation will offer strategies to enhance the impact of your work as you prepare for publication, disseminate the results of your work, and even as you keep track of your research.
Thurs., April 8
Web Tips for the Time-Strapped
Speaker: Robert Altman

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The Web Tips for the Time-Strapped presentation will build off of the assumption that investigators have little time to establish/manage an online presence or experiment with new web technologies. This presentation will explore ways of integrating Web 2.0 tools into a workflow that can yield meaningful results, but also require minimal effort to implement.
Thurs., April 15
Speaker: Kristi Holmes

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This presentation will offer suggestions and strategies to discover collaborators and scholarship across Washington University, the local area and even nationwide. The recently funded "VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists" project will also be presented, including current status and planned features.

For more information about the Becker Medical Library presentations, please contact Bob Engeszer.


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The Office of Faculty Affairs free weekly lunchtime brownbag workshop series, Thursday Topics, is offered during the academic year (September through June). Topics focus on communications, mentoring, and teaching as well as other issues that enhance faculty career development. Contact the Office of Faculty Affairs for more information about its programs and services.

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