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SpringerImages Replaces images.MD


Springer Publishing has announced that it will be replacing the scientific images resource image.MD. with SpringerImages.

SpringerImages is an expansive and rapidly growing collection of over one million scientific images that spans scientific, technical, and medical fields, including high-quality clinical images from images.MD, among many other sources. The continually updated collection which gathers figures, graphs, histograms, photos and tables will be available to libraries and their patrons via a massive, searchable online database.

The following information about SpringerImages is taken from Springer's LibraryZone eNewsletter, Summer 2009:


Does this new eProduct cover all disciplines?

Yes, SpringerImages covers all STM disciplines ranging from Biomedicine to Social Sciences. Overall, SpringerImages covers 18 disciplines.

At the time of launch, the collection will be very strong in medicine, biomedicine and life sciences, and that is also reflected in the Medical and Life Sciences collection, which librarians can buy as a separate package beside the whole collection. And keep in mind that the collection is constantly growing, since images are uploaded as they are published.


Where does the content at SpringerImages come from?

The content is derived from peer-reviewed, trusted sources - most of it is Springer content: images from Springer journals and books, SpringerProtocols and SpringerReferences; but there will also be some third-party image collections and in the future we may also integrate open access images.


Springer already owns some of what you called third-party image collections. Will these be migrated into the new platform?

Yes, indeed: as Springer acquired CMG (Current Medicine Group) a few years ago, images.MD will also be included. This high-quality clinical image database adds a high value to the medical images. So far, that is all I can officially say about the third-party content, but we plan to migrate other data as well.


And how many images are searchable via SpringerImages?

At the time of the launch we will already offer more than 1.5 million images, starting with the most recent data from SpringerLink and the entire images.MD database. But the collection is rapidly growing, as images are uploaded as they are published and images from older content will be added as well.

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