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Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

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ToxED Available for Trial Evaluation Period

ToxED - the Clinician's Toxicology Resource

Trial access to Gold Standard's ToxED is now available through the Becker Medical Library's subscription to the drug database Clinical Pharmacology. ToxED is based upon the authoritative toxicology reference, Lange Poisoning and Drug Overdose (5th Edition), edited by Kent R. Olson, MD. ToxED is a reliable, online toxicology information reference that brings together leading experts in medicine, pharmacology and toxicology from the staff and faculty of the California Poison Control System to produce an online resource for the diagnosis and treatment of poisoning and drug overdose.

Information on clinical toxicology topics are organized in three comprehensive sections:

  • Emergency Management Principles
    • Step-wise approach to the evaluation and treatment of common complications of poisoning and drug overdose
    • Discussions regarding decontamination, enhanced elimination and patient disposition
    • Special considerations in pediatric patients
  • Specific Agents and Treatments
    • Thorough discussion of specific drug overdoses and poisons
    • Includes pathophysiology, toxic dose, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and specific treatment associated with each substance
    • Describes therapeutic drugs and antidotes employed in the treatment of poisonings and drug overdose, including their pharmacology, indications, adverse reactions, drug interactions, recommended dosage and formulation information
  • Environmental and Occupational Toxicology
    • Depicts the approach to hazardous materials incidents
    • Evaluation of occupational exposures
    • Toxic effects, physical properties, and workplace exposure limits for over 500 common industrial chemicals

Becker's ToxED trial is available through the first week of June 2008. ToxED can be access within Clinical Pharmacology (under the Resource Center drop down menu on the right side of the home page) or by visiting the ToxED web site, There is also a comprehensive Reference Guide in PDF format to help answer any questions.

We're very interested in receiving feedback during the ToxED trial period. Please refer your feedback on the trial and/or any questions to Neville Prendergast, Associate Director for Health Information Resources, at 314-362-2782 or

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