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News, Treasures, and Musings
The First Tooth, Antikamnia Calendar, May-June 1897

1897 Antikamnia Calendar

And now for something completely ghoulish, we have the 1897 Antikamnia  calendar drawn by Lucius Crusius, M.D., pharmacist and physician of St.
The St. Louis Body-Snatchers

The St. Louis Body-Snatchers

It reads like the beginning of a horror story. “At 8 o’clock Monday evening three very rough-looking men entered a saloon known as the ‘Gravois Cave’ on a corner opposite of the cemetery. ... "  And so begins the account of the case of Ernst Doepke, one of the few people in St. Louis to have been arrested for grave-robbing.  
ARB on Tumblr image

Archives and Rare Books on Tumblr

Are you watching Archives and Rare Books on Tumblr?  Who knows what you'll find.

Pigs, Monkeys, and Flayed Satyrs: Two Title Pages from Valverde

Juan Valverde de Amusco (c.1525 - 1588) was a Spanish anatomist whose is best remembered for his Historia de la Composicion del Cuerpo Humano, which was first published in 1556 in Rome, and is one of the most notable plagiarisms of Andreas Vesalius' monumental De humani corporis fabrica.  
Barnes Medical College, Class of 1904

Barnes Medical College, Class of 1904: a magnificent composite photo

This magnificent composite photo of the Barnes Medical College Faculty with the Class of 1904 is typical of the splendid geometric design of class photos of the period in our photograph collection. Thanks to an item inventory of the map cases of...
Bob Hope

Confessions of 211 St. Louis Housewives and Bob Hope: Or, What's Going on in Their Kitchens

A cookbook sponsored by the Children’s Hospital Auxiliary in the 1960s was recently donated to the Archives and Rare Books.  It has a very interesting title:  Confessions of 211 St. Louis Housewives and Bob Hope: Or, What's Going on in Their Kitchens. 
Michael Marmor, MD

40th Historia Medica Lecture - Vision and History: Looking Through an Artist’s Eyes

Speaker:  Michael Marmor, MD Lecture Title: “Vision and History: Looking Through an Artist’s Eyes”
Joan Rivers visits St. Louis Children's Hospital in the early 1980's.

Remembering Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was a pioneering comedian known for her acerbic wit. But she was also a caring and compassionate supporter and friend of the patients of St. Louis Children's Hospital.