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Stanley Misler, MD, PhD

43rd Historia Medica - Stanley Misler, MD, PhD

Dr. Misler’s lecture will highlight Paul E. Lacy (1924-2005), former head of the Washington University’s Department of Pathology, and his groundbreaking research of endocrine cells in the pancreas that led to the discovery and success of islet transplants...
WU Record, September 5, 1974.

WU Record now available in Becker Library's Digital Commons

Over 1,200 past issues of the Washington University Record have been uploaded to the Digital Commons @ Becker, the School of Medicine’s digital repository maintained by the Becker Library. 
Atlas des peripherischen Nervensystems des menschlichen Körpers by Rüdinger.

42nd Historia Medica lecture - Susan E. Mackinnon, MD

Dr. Susan Mackinnon, Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Washington University School of Medicine, will present the 42nd Historia Medica Lecture on Thursday, December 4th. 
Let Me Heal by Ken Ludmerer, MD

41st Historia Medica Lecture - Kenneth Ludmerer, MD

Dr. Ken Ludmerer, Professor of History and Professor of Medicine at Washington University, will present the 41st Historia Medica Lecture. 
Bob Hope

Confessions of 211 St. Louis Housewives and Bob Hope: Or, What's Going on in Their Kitchens

A cookbook sponsored by the Children’s Hospital Auxiliary in the 1960s was recently donated to the Archives and Rare Books.  It has a very interesting title:  Confessions of 211 St. Louis Housewives and Bob Hope: Or, What's Going on in Their Kitchens. 
Michael Marmor, MD

40th Historia Medica Lecture - Vision and History: Looking Through an Artist’s Eyes

Speaker:  Michael Marmor, MD Lecture Title: “Vision and History: Looking Through an Artist’s Eyes”
Gar Allen, PhD

39th Historia Medica Lecture - Gar Allen

Dr. Gar Allen, Professor of Biology at Washington University, will present the 39th Historia Medica Lecture.  His presentation will focus on Eugenics Movement in the early decades of the twentieth century, which developed rapidly after the rediscovery of Mendel’s work in 1900.
A page from Dr. Levi Fuson's WW1 journal

The WWI Diary of Captain Levi H. Fuson of Base Hospital 21

“Over there: Missouri and the Great War” is a statewide digitization project to provide better access to materials documenting Missouri’s World War I history.  Two of Becker Library’s archival collections were scanned in their entirety for this project:  the Levi H. Fuson Papers and the Olga Krieger Diary.