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Nova acta physico-medica Academiae caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae naturae curiosorum

This fascinating 18th century natural history journal is in the Rare Medical Periodicals Collection of the Bernard Becker Medical Library (7).  This journal was published by the oldest nationa

Two books by Galen published in 1528 and 1536

  Recently I cataloged two pocket size books 16th century books by Galen. The earlier imprint is on the dissection of the veins, arteries, and nerves (1528 ) and the later imprint by Galen is on palpitation, tremor, spasm and convulsions (1536...

The Impact of Leo Loeb and the new guide to the Leo Loeb Papers at the Bernard Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine.

Leo Loeb (1869-1959) was a pioneer in transplantation research beginning with his thesis required for an M.D. at the University of Zurich awarded in 1897. For his thesis, Loeb conducted skin cell transplantation using guinea pigs and he continued transplantation research until 1941.

Women at Washington University: Hemprova P. Ghosh McDonald (1918-2014)

A letter from Calcutta...  I hope you are in receipt of my last letter of May 3, 1950. I am writing to you for one of my friends Mrs. Dr. H.P. Ghosh. She is a brilliant worker, original and painstaking. Quite unfortunately she has very recently lost her husband and coworker through Leukemia. She wants to devote the rest of her life in research on cancer, particularly on leukemia, for which as you know there is hardly any proper facility in India. 

Avicenna and his canon: an illustrated edition from 1595 in the Bernard Becker Medical Library

This beautiful series of woodcuts (Figure 1-6) shows Avicenna’s recommended spinal manipulations for dislocation of the vertebrae.  I found them a few weeks ago in a Latin edition of Avicenna's Canon of Medicine published by Giunta family (Juntas) in Venice in 1595.
Spinal cord images, La dissection des parties du corps humain, 1546

Estienne spinal cord detail, 1546

In "Neuroanniversary 2008," Paul Eling gave readers of the Journal of the history of Neuroscience, a  chronology of people and ideas to celebrate that year. The following entry for 1564 in "Neuroanniversary 2014," the sixth...
The First Tooth, Antikamnia Calendar, May-June 1897

1897 Antikamnia Calendar

And now for something completely ghoulish, we have the 1897 Antikamnia  calendar drawn by Lucius Crusius, M.D., pharmacist and physician of St.