Washington University School of Medicine

Focus Groups


Four focus groups of 6-8 attendees will be held upon completion of the survey. Respondents will be asked in the survey to indicate their interest in participating in a focus group. The focus groups will be made up of at least one representative from each of the targeted groups. The intimate setting of the focus group will allow a more in-depth discussion of the devices that individuals use to access this type of information, information which will help guide development of the model. The discussion should also help provide additional insight beyond the survey data on differences and similarities across the different stakeholder groups. The conversations will be recorded, transcribed, and analyzed to glean additional understanding of critical issues or needs in the area of genomic medicine.

The focus group sessions will last about an hour and the questions will cover a wide range of topics, such as training and education, integration of genomic topics into the workday, challenges and successes in this area, and emerging areas of importance.

Focus Group Results

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