Open October Guest Speakers

Marina Sirota, PhD

Associate Professor, Bakar Computational Health Sciences Institute (BCHSI), University of California, San Francisco

Prior to UCSF, Marina Sirota, PhD, has worked as a senior research scientist at Pfizer where she focused on developing precision medicine strategies in drug discovery. She completed her doctorate in biomedical informatics at Stanford University. Sirota’s research experience in translational bioinformatics spans over 10 years during which she has co-authored over 80 scientific publications. Her research interests lie in developing computational integrative methods and applying these approaches in the context of disease diagnostics and therapeutics with a special focus on studying the role of the immune system in disease. The Sirota laboratory is funded by NIA, NLM, NIAMS, Pfizer, March of Dimes and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. As a young leader in the field, she was awarded the AMIA Young Investigator Award in 2017.

Lara Mangravite, PhD

President, Sage Bionetworks

Lara Mangravite, PhD, is President of Sage Bionetworks, an organization that focuses on open practices to advance biomedicine through data-driven science and digital research. Recognizing that all research is limited by restrictions placed on the distribution of information, Sage works closely with institutes, foundations and research communities to improve information flow, benchmark research practices, and establish research outcomes of sufficient confidence to support translation. Mangravite earned a bachelor of science in physics from the Pennsylvania State University, a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California, San Francisco, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cardiovascular pharmacogenomics at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute.

Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS

Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) and Public Health (Health Policy and Management), Yale School of Medicine

Joseph S. Ross, MD, MHS, is a Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) and of Public Health (Health Policy and Management) at the Yale School of Medicine, a member of the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation at Yale-New Haven Health System, and Co-Director of the National Clinician Scholars Program at Yale. With expertise in health services and outcomes research and the translation of clinical research into practice, his research examines the use and delivery of higher quality care and issues related to pharmaceutical and medical device regulation, evidence development, postmarket surveillance, and clinical adoption. Dr. Ross co-directs the Yale-Mayo Clinic Center for Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation (CERSI), the Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project, and the Collaboration for Research Integrity and Transparency (CRIT) at Yale Law School. He has published more than 400 articles in peer-reviewed biomedical journals, co-founded the preprint server medRxiv, and is currently the U.S. Outreach and Research Editor at BMJ.

Cristin Kearns, DDS, MBA

Assistant Professor, UCSF School of Dentistry, Div of Oral Epidemiology & Dental Public Health and Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Cristin Kearns, DDS, MBA, is an assistant professor in the Department of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences and the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California, San Francisco. She is one of the first academics to rigorously study the influence of the sugar industry on health and health policy. She first saw the devastating effects of sugar as a dental director for clinics serving low-income populations and as a manager of dental operations at the Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program. She has helped identify more than 300,000 pages of food industry-related documents now available online to researchers and the public as part of UCSF’s Food Industry Documents Archive library project.

Publishing at WashU Panelists

Liz Kramer

Associate Director, Office for Socially Engaged Practice
Washington University in St. Louis

Matthew Lew

Assistant Professor of Electrical & Systems Engineering
Washington University in St. Louis

Angela Miller

Professor of Art History and Archaeology
Washington University in St. Louis

David A. Patterson Silver Wolf

Associate Professor of Social Work
Washington University in St. Louis