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Oral Histories

Nobel Laureate Carl F. Cori

Nobel Laureate Carl F. Cori

The Washington University School of Medicine Oral History Project is an ongoing series of recorded interviews and transcripts dating from 1959. The project was envisioned to capture and preserve first person accounts and reflections on the history of the medical school, medical practice in St. Louis, and developments in the field of medicine. Interview subjects include faculty, staff and alumni of the School of Medicine, as well as family members, friends and others associated with Washington University.

The Oral History Project provides an important tool in documenting the history of the Washington University School of Medicine. These audio interviews and transcripts are preserved in the Archives department of the Bernard Becker Medical Library. They supplement the institutional records, manuscript and visual collections, and artifacts relating to the history of the Washington University School of Medicine and its affiliated institutions.



WUSM Program in Physical Therapy Oral Histories:

  • Helen Bartlett, 2006
  • Joye Baumann, 2006
  • Isabelle Bohman, 2005
  • Doris Ann Brydon, 2006
  • Sven Eliasson, 2006
  • Lee Fetter, 2007
  • Robert Hickock, 2005
  • Myrtle Higdon, 2007
  • D. LaVonne Jaeger, 2005
  • William M. Landau, 2006
  • Jean Matthews, 2007
  • Barbara Nash, 2005
  • Barbara J. Norton, 2006
  • William Peck, 2006
  • Janet Prior, 2007
  • Shirley Sahrmann, 2005
  • Anne Brown Short, 2006
  • Anne Stewart Spitzmiller, 2007
  • Dorothy Devendorf Thomas, 2007
  • Donna Vickery, 2006


Washington University School of Nursing Oral Histories:

  • Margaret Anne Seibert Bubolz, Vina I. Brooks, & Mary (Sherry) Sherwood Stewart, 2006
  • Elizabeth Jane (BJ) O'Neal Haskins & Gloria Dieu McCanna, 2006
  • Floreine Garvin Marshall, 2006
  • Jeanne Grigg Mill, 2006
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Simonds, 2006
  • Helen Wells, 2006
  • Agnes (Toni) Zeigler, 2006