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About Access Restrictions to Electronic Resources

Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

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List of Visual Collections

Collection Name
Type of Material
Collection Number
301st Combat Support Hospital collection Photographs, artifacts VC251
A tooth is a sensible bone Exhibit materials VC905
Abbott Laboratories Reproductions of paintings VC184
Ackerman, Lauren V. Photographs VC331
Age of smoke and starch Exhibit materials VC917
Allen, Willard M. Photographs, artifacts VC335
Allen, William E. Photographs VC237
Allied health profession students Photograph portraits VC234
American Academy of Neurology Photographs, artifacts VC229
American College of Surgeons Portrait reproductions VC107
Anatomical drawings Lithographs VC326
Anatomy exhibit Photographs, drawings VC054
Anatomy, WUSM Department of Photographs VC010
Anatomy, WUSM Department of Photographs VC202
Anatomy, WUSM Department of Photographs VC212
Anheuser-Busch souvenir booklet Lithographs VC319
Audubon prints Prints VC565
Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital Photographs VC053
Barnes Hospital Photographs VC424
Barnes Hospital Department of Social Work Photographs VC178
Barnes Hospital medical house staff Photograph portraits VC313
Barnes Hospital medical staff Group photographs VC305
Barnes Hospital West Pavilion dedication Photographs VC037
Base Hospital 21 Photographs, drawings VC025
Base Hospital 21 digital surrogate collection Digital surrogates of photographs, sketches and artifacts VC250
Baumgarten family Photographs, drawings VC002
Baumgarten family Certificates VC116
Baumgarten family Drawings, graphs, maps VC117
Baumgarten reception Photographs VC064
Baumgarten, Gustav Lecture card facsimiles VC157
Beaumont, William Photographs, artifacts VC105
Becker Library exhibit general index Miscellaneous VC900
Becker Library staff informal gatherings, 1994 Photographs VC018
Becker, Bernard, prints and artifacts Graphics, 35mm slides, artifacts VC173
Bishop, George H. Photographs, drawings, certificates, glass slides VC034
Bishop, George H. Instruments VC242
Blair, Vilray P. Photographs, drawings VC001
Blair, Vilray P. Certificates, artifacts VC113
Blake family Diploma, photographs VC183
Bodies, bones, and belligerence Exhibit materials VC909
Brodman, Estelle Photograph portraits VC146
Brodman, Estelle, Body snatching lecture 35mm slides VC074
Brodman, Estelle, Jefferson and medicine 35mm slides VC073
Brodman, Estelle, Scientists as librarians 35mm slides VC075
Bronfenbrenner, Jacques J. Photographs VC084
Bronfenbrenner, Jacques J. Medallions VC085
Brown, Leon Lithographs VC318
Bulger, Harold A. Photographs VC068
Burch, Helen B. Photographs VC041
Burford, Thomas H. Photographs, certificates, drawings VC138
Butcher, Harvey R. Photographs, certificates VC175
Caliban’s new master Exhibit materials VC903
Cancer Research Building dedication Photographs VC006
Caricatures of individuals Drawings and other media VC515
Charles, Benjamin H. Photographs, drawings VC003
Chaumeton, François Pierre, Flore médicale 35mm slides VC337
Class composites, WUSM Photographs VC416
Class of 1913, WUSM Photographs in scrapbook VC204
Class of 1934 35mm slides VC215
Class of 1934, WUSM Photographs VC058
Classes of 1941-1976, WUSM Photographs VC205
Clinical Sciences Research Building 35mm slides VC304
Clinical Sciences Research Building Dedication scrapbook VC307
Computed tomography Brochures, plans VC169
Cordonnier, Justin J. Photographs, plaque VC042
Cordonnier, Justin J. Certificates, plaques VC119
Cori, Carl F. Photographs, certificates, surgical instruments VC143
Cori, Carl F., Cori, Gerty T. Photographs VC014
Cori, Gerty T. Certificates, artifacts VC153
Cover glass of Omega Beta Pi Photographs VC225
Cowdry, E. V. Photographs VC043
Cowdry, E. V. Certificates, artifacts VC122
Cowdry, E. V. Photographs VC137
Cowdry, E. V. Cytological drawings VC188
Crusius, Louis Artifacts VC217
Cunningham, Daniel John, Edinburgh stereoscopic studies of anatomy, 1907? Stereographs VC191
Cunningham, Daniel John, Stereoscopic, studies of anatomy, 192-? Stereographs VC192
Darwin, Charles, exhibit Photographs, drawings VC046
Davis, Hallowell Photographs VC091
Davis, Henry Clay Photographs VC301
Deafness in Disguise: Camouflaged Hearing Devices of the 20th Century. Exhibit materials VC921
Dentistry, historic Photographs, drawings VC321
Deutsche optische Wochenschrift Reproductions of drawings VC120
Dorsett, E. Lee. Photographs VC293
Dream city: Viennese medicine . . . Exhibit materials VC915
Ephemera collection Miscellaneous postcards, notes, letters, and advertisements VC801
Erlanger, Joseph Photographs, certificates, medallion VC027
Erlanger, Joseph Certificates, artifacts VC128
Everything nice: sugars and spices in medical history Exhibit materials VC910
Framed portraits and other large display artifacts, Paintings, sculpture, other media VC610
Frontier medicine exhibit Photographs, drawings, advertisements VC024
Fuson, Levi H. Photographs, artifacts VC325
Galerie hervorragender Arzte und Naturforscher Portrait reproductions VC090
Geitz, Henry Arthur Photographs VC055
General Hospital 21 Photographs, drawings VC013
General Hospital 21 Various artifacts, books, poster VC051
General Hospital 21 Surgical Service Photographs VC174
General Hospital 21, Bou Hanifia, Algeria Photographs VC080
Glaser, Robert J. Photographs VC050
Goldring, David Artifacts VC312
Goldstein, Max A. Advertisements, certificates VC136
Goldstein, Max A., acoustical instrument scrapbook Drawings VC330
Graham, Evarts A. Photographs, glass slides VC029
Graham, Evarts A. Photographs, medallions VC079
Graham, Evarts A., memorabilia Certificates, medallions VC082
Graham, Evarts A., Symposium Photographs VC133
Graham, Evarts A., Symposium Photographs VC147
Graham, Helen Tredway Photographs, glass slides VC049
Green, John Artifacts VC151
Gross anatomy instruction, Barnes Medical College Photographs VC060
Groups in clinical settings Photographs VC413
Groups in instructional settings Photographs VC414
Groups in other explicit settings Photographs VC415
Groups in research settings Photographs VC412
Hanser, Theodore Photographs, artifacts VC310
Herweg, John C. Photographs VC214
Hilligas, Louise Photographs VC322
Hodgen, John T. Photographs VC218
Hofsommer-Glaser family Photographs VC017
Homeyer, Heinrich Wilhelm Documents, photographs VC125
Honegger-Lavater, Warja, 2300 years of medical costume Drawings VC095
Honor crown the worthiest Exhibit materials VC914
Honoring C. Barber Mueller, MD. Exhibit materials VC920
Hoolihan, Christopher T., History of books and printing 35mm slides VC171
Hoolihan, Christopher, History of deaf education 35mm slides VC227
House officers Photograph portraits VC233
Howard, Harvey J. 35mm slides VC182
Hunt, Carlton C. Photographs VC228
Huth, Harry Photographs VC166
Influence 150: WU Sesquicentennial Exhibit Exhibit materials VC923
Info Fair (Info Tech) Group photographs VC342
Islamic medicine Reproductions of drawings VC028
Jewish Hospital Photographs VC302
Jewish Hospital Memorabilia VC303
Jewish Hospital physicians Photograph portraits VC180
Jones, Andrew B. Drawings, photograph, artifact VC106
Kelley, Robert W. Artifacts VC216
King, M. Kenton Photographs VC203
Knoll, Remedius 35mm slides of etchings VC127
Knott, James I. Photographs VC238
Kohler, F. E., Medizinal-Pflanzen Reproductions of lithographs VC186
Kountz, William B. Photographs, certificates VC132
Kulifay, Betty Group photographs VC343
Lactopeptine hospital scenes Lithographs VC109
Lasky Center Photographs VC213
Lavender, Charles L. Physician’s bag and content VC165
Levi-Montalcini, Rita, collection at WU Archives Photographs and negatives, digital VC089
Library, WUSM Photographs VC048
Library, WUSM 35mm slides VC077
Library, WUSM Photographs VC139
Library, WUSM Architectural drawings, photographs VC168
Library, WUSM 35mm slides VC211
Library, WUSM 35mm slides VC329
Library, WUSM (Becker) construction, 1988-89 Photographs VC200
Library, WUSM (Becker) dedication, 1991 Photographs, 35mm slides VC201
Library, WUSM, Becker, Bernard, collection Photographs VC140
Library, WUSM, construction Photographs VC334
Library, WUSM, Goldstein, Max A., collection Photographs VC141
Loeb, Leo Medallions VC129
Loeb, Leo, lectures Photographs VC065
Mansch, Anton, Medical world (XX collection) Photographs VC087
Manuscript or print? A book exhibit on the media technology wars of the Renaissance Exhibit materials VC924
McCulloch, Hugh, Jr., WU Hospital Photographs VC160
McDonnell Medical Sciences Building Photographs, artifacts VC047
McDowell, Joseph Nash Photographs, artifacts VC219
McDowell’s College and Pope’s College Exhibit materials VC904
Medical Alumni, WUMC 35mm slides VC206
Medical Care Group Photographs VC194
Medical class reunions Photograph portraits VC222
Medical classes Photograph portraits VC232
Medical Illustration Christmas cards Photographs VC231
Medical Illustration negatives Negatives VC246
Medical Public Affairs Photographs VC338
Milburn, Robert C.: Barnes Medical College Photographs, artifacts VC142
Minnich, Virginia Photographs, certificates VC114
Minority students and alumnae Photographs VC076
Miscellaneous artifacts Artifacts VC705
Moore, Carl V. Photographs VC039
Moore, Carl V. Certificates, artifacts VC110
Moore, Carl V. 35mm slides VC144
Moore, Carl V. Photographs VC156
Mueller, C. Barber Photographs VC063
Mueller, Robert Photographs VC315
Muses and the healing arts Exhibit materials VC918
Neubauer, Darwin, Reinhard, Edward H. Photographs, slides VC004
New Beginnings-The First Decade of the Medical Campus Exhibit materials VC922
Nineteenth century American medical schools Drawings VC059
Nobel Hall of Science dedication Photographs VC167
Norman Rockwell prints Prints VC561
Notable Saint Louisans in 1900 Photographs VC316
Noted hospitals, Ciba Pharmaceutical Products Reproductions of paintings VC015
Noted scientists Portrait reproductions VC097
Nu Sigma Nu Photographs, certificates VC040
Nu Sigma Nu Copper printing plates VC223
Obstetrics and Gynecology, WUSM, Department of Photographs VC115
Occupational Therapy Photographs VC294
Occupational Therapy Photographs, artifacts VC295
Occupational Therapy students Photograph portraits VC345
Ogura, Joseph H. Photographs, certificates VC093
Old Shriners Hospital Photographs VC195
O’Leary, James L. Photographs VC035
Olin, John Photographs VC230
Olmsted, William H. Photographs, artifacts VC150
Otolaryngology, WUSM Department of Photographs, engraving VC081
Outten, Warren B. Photographs VC220
Paracelsus book illustrations Photographs of lithographs VC209
Paracelsus, 500 years Exhibit materials VC912
Parke, Davis and Company, Great Moments in Medicine 35mm slides of paintings VC072
Petrolager Series, 18th Cent. British Hospital interiors Prints VC562
Pharmaceutical advertisements Cards VC070
Physical Therapy Photographs VC339
Physical Therapy students Photograph portraits VC344
Plaques Miscellaneous plaques made of bronze, wood and other materials VC706
Post-doctoral fellows Photograph portraits VC235
Powerful grace Exhibit materials VC916
Pre-1914 medical school buildings (also interiors) Photographs VC420
Pus kola and tal kola, WUSM Refectory cups, saucers, and plates   VC098
Radiological equipment Photographs VC036
Realizing the dream Exhibit materials VC911
Regional cancer center Drawings VC118
Richards, Frank O. Photographs VC243
Robins, Lee N. Photographs VC061
Saint John’s Hospital Photographs VC031
Saint Louis Children’s Hospital Photographs VC008
Saint Louis Children’s Hospital Photographs VC069
Saint Louis Children’s Hospital Photographs VC111
Saint Louis Children’s Hospital Photographs VC135
Saint Louis Children’s Hospital Hospitals: the cost of caring 35mm slides VC226
Saint Louis City Hospital Photographs VC332
Saint Louis Medical College Photograph portraits VC071
Saint Louis Medical College, Missouri Dental College Photographs VC300
Saint Louis, 19th century medical portraits, views Photographs VC314
Saints and medicine Exhibit materials VC901
Sanders, Eunice Harriett Photographs VC320
Sante, L. R. Photographs, artifacts VC291
Sappington, John Photographs VC328
Scanlon-Morris eye, ear, nose, and throat table Photographs VC067
Schlueter, Robert E. Postcards, lecture cards, photographs VC158
Schulenburg, August Carl Photographs VC323
Scientific equipment Microscopes VC704
Scott, Wendell G. Photographs VC044
Scott, Wendell G. Certificates VC108
Scott, Wendell G. Photographs VC155
Senturia, Ben H. Photographs, artifacts VC062
Shaffer, Philip A. Photographs, engravings VC009
Shaffer, Philip A., lectures Photographs VC032
Shank, Robert E. Photographs, certificates VC176
Shapleigh, John B. Photographs VC317
Sherman, Charles L., Barnes Medical College Artifacts VC210
Silberberg, Martin Photographs, certificates VC083
Silberberg, Martin, Memorial Fund Artifacts VC189
Silberberg, Ruth Photomicrographs VC086
Simms, Ernest S. Photographs VC123
Simple group portraits Photographs VC411
Single portraits Photographs VC410
Single portraits Drawings, altered photographs, renditions of works in other media VC510
SLMS antique portraits and illustrations Prints VC563
Smallpox caricatures Drawings, photographs VC016
Smith, Margaret G. Photographs, drawings VC023
Sonnenwirth, Alexander C. Photographs VC152
Soviet women physicians Photographs VC030
Spalding, Lucille S. Photographs, certificates VC208
Squibb, E.R., and Sons, Inc. Photographs VC007
Starkloff, Max C. Photographs, artifacts VC309
Stein Professorship of Neurology Photographs VC052
Stevenson, Paul H. Photographs, drawings VC131
Strauss, J. C., Studio Photograph portraits VC346
Surgery faculty, Eugene M. Bricker series Photographs VC245
Sutures in ancient surgery Prints VC564
Swekowsky, William Photographs VC221
Teachenor, Thelma R. Photographs VC244
Terry, Robert J. Photographs, drawings, stone and bone artifacts VC020
Terry, Robert J., lectures Photographs VC033
Terry, Robert J., Petrolager Laboratories, Inc. Caricatures VC019
The 21st General Hospital goes to war Exhibit materials VC907
The binding influence Exhibit materials VC906
The book as patient Exhibit materials VC902
The CID-Max A. Goldstein Historic Devices for Hearing Collection at Washington University Bernard Becker Medical Library Artifacts VC703
The keenest of senses: Becker Collection Exhibit materials VC913
Todd, Charles A. Anatomical drawings VC022
Trotter, Mildred Photographs, certificates, artifacts, 35mm slides VC170
Tsuchiya, Hiromu Photographs VC011
Tuholske, Herman Photographs, drawings, display documents VC181
Unpathed waters, undream’d shores Exhibit materials VC908
Varied subjects Reproductions of illustrations VC185
Vavra, John D. Photographs and card VC187
Veeder, Borden S. Certificates and artifacts VC112
Virgil Loeb, Jr. / Class of 1944 35mm slides VC199
Walsh, Theodore E. Certificates VC092
Walton, Franklin E. Photographs, drawings, certificates VC005
Weinmann, Johann Wilhelm, Phytanthoza iconographia 35mm slides VC336
Westfall, Marvin F. Glass/35mm slides VC327
We’ve come a long way, maybe (Academic Women’s Network posters and supplements) Exhibit materials VC919
White, Park J. Copy print photographs VC172
Wilson, Samuel W. Photographs, artifacts VC224
Wolfe, John Marion, Barnes Medical College Certificates, photographs VC088
Women faculty and alumnae Photographs VC066
WU Clinics Photographs VC333
WU Hospital Photographs, drawings VC026
WU Medical Center Photographs VC021
WU Medical Center Photographs VC056
WU Medical Center Photographs VC121
WU Medical Center Photographs VC124
WU Medical Center Photographs VC130
WU Medical Center Photographs, drawings VC154
WU Medical Center Photographs, drawings VC163
WU Medical Center Photographs VC164
WU Medical Center 35mm slides VC177
WU Medical Center Photographs VC196
WU Medical Center Photographs VC197
WU Medical Center Photographs VC207
WU Medical Center Photographs and negatives VC263
WU Medical Center Photographs, slides VC264
WU Medical Center aerial photographs Photographs VC148
WU Medical Center aerial photographs Photographs VC149
WU Medical Center construction Photographs VC057
WU Medical Center dedication Photographs VC012
WU Medical Center models Photographs VC038
WU School of Dental Medicine Photographs VC161
WU School of Dental Medicine Artifacts, instruments VC241
WU School of Dental Medicine Photographs VC296
WU School of Dental Medicine memorial room, Biotechnology Center building Photographs VC349
WU School of Dental Medicine, class photographs Photograph portraits VC308
WU School of Dental Medicine, Dental series Photographs VC240
WU School of Dental Medicine, Edward H. Gill series Photographs VC239
WU School of Medicine Photographs VC126
WU School of Medicine Photographs VC162
WU School of Medicine Photographs, drawings VC193
WU School of Nursing Photographs, artifacts VC236
WU School of Nursing collection at UMSL Photographs and negatives, digital VC045
Wulff, George J.L., Twelfth Field Hospital Photographs VC134
WUMC Alumni Association presidents Photograph portraitsDigital files only VC347
WUMC, Ground-level shots of structures of two or more Medical Center instituitions Photographs VC421
WUMSAC temporary art collection Paintings, sculpture, and other media VC611
WUSM alumni presentation 35mm slides VC306
WUSM centennial Videotapes VC324
WUSM Diplomas Diplomas VC814
WUSM faculty Photograph portraits VC078
WUSM students Photograph portraits VC190
WUSM surgery students Photograph portraits VC159
Yore, Richard W. Photographs, certificates VC340