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About Access Restrictions to Electronic Resources

Access and use of electronic resources made available by the Becker Medical Library are governed by license agreements between the School of Medicine and publishers or third parties. Several of the electronic resources carry some restriction on their use. Access may be restricted by user location, number of concurrent users, and/or password.

In short, most people experience access limitations based on the network to which their computer is connected. Below is a quick breakdown of what can be accessed from various networks.

BJH (Limited to) SLCH (Limited to) Proxy (Remote Access) WUSM Off Campus
UpToDate Online
American Academy of Pediatrics Journals
Applied Clinical Informatics
Harriet Lane Handbook
Red Book Online
UpToDate Online
Unrestricted Access to All Becker Resources Unrestricted Access to All Becker Resources No Access without Proxy

Remote Access

The Becker Medical Library Proxy Server provides access to the Library’s online medical literature sources for individuals accessing the web via an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than the Washington University network.

Users who connect to the internet via DSL, cable modem, or an ISP must use the Medical Library Proxy server so online journal, eBooks, and database vendors can identify them as belonging to the Washington University School of Medicine community.

Accounts are available ONLY to faculty, staff and students of Washington University School of Medicine. BJC and Danforth Campus faculty, staff and students are not eligible for proxy server accounts unless they hold joint appointments or are also students in the School of Medicine.

The cost of a proxy account for faculty and staff is $25/fiscal year. Student accounts are free. There is no proration when accounts are requested part way through a fiscal year. Refunds will not be given for accounts canceled during a fiscal year. You may charge your Washington University departmental account, or pay by personal check or credit card.

Requesting a Proxy Account

Students in programs of the School of Medicine and other Washington University students on the medical campus may request a proxy account online using the Student Account Request form.  Faculty and staff may request accounts online using the Non-Student request form.  You will be notified by Becker Library when your account is ready.

The next form will allow you to request multiple accounts for new users at the same time.  Accounts requested in this manner must be charged to a WU departmental account.

How To Use the Proxy Service

Once you have your username and password, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click the "remote access login" button in the top right of the Library's website or go to (Please Bookmark or add this link to your Favorites.)
  2. You will be prompted to log in.
  3. Enter your username and password and click "Log in."

Once logged in you will be redirected to the Becker home page. As long as you follow links from there your connection will be proxied. This includes using PubMed, linking to full-text journals and other resources.

This service does not require you to change your browser settings.

If you type in a new URL in the browser’s address box you will leave the proxy service. Even if you religiously follow only links from one page to another you MAY find that you can’t get to some sites. Not all web sites are proxied. If you find there are sites that you cannot access – especially if they are electronic resources that you would get through the library – please contact us through one of the methods on our "Becker Library Help" page.

Ezproxy settings for Papers setup for Macintosh users

Macintosh users who are setting up login information for the Papers citation management software need a URL for beckerproxy. Papers will work with ezproxy, the software that Becker Library uses.