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Genomics in Medicine

Genomics plays an increasingly large role in 21st century research and clinical practice.  Washington University School of Medicine is at the forefront of this evolving field.  To continue to meet this challenge, investigators will need comprehensive training in topics related to genomic medicine.

The Genomics in Medicine seminar series offers attendees a practical background in molecular biology and genetics, an introduction to genomics technologies and research, and an understanding of the clinical application of genomics knowledge.

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM

Holden Auditorium

This lecture series is designed for clinicians and other interested persons, including basic science researchers, students, residents, fellows, post-doctoral scholars, and anyone else who wishes to learn more about these topics from WUSM faculty experts.

Contact or to sign up for the mailing list or with any questions.

Students interested in enrolling in the seminar series for credit can earn up to two units of academic credit. Contact to learn more and register.

Lecture materials are being made available to the Washington University community as part of Becker Library's institutional repository (access to the lecture materials is restricted to the WUSTL network). Browse the lecture materials here.

This seminar series is a collaboration between the Departments of Genetics, Medicine, Pathology & Immunology, Pediatrics, and Becker Medical Library. The series is sponsored by the Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences, NIH award UL1 TR000448.

FALL 2016

Date Topic Speaker
Aug 31 Molecular Biology/Genetics Refresher Joseph Dougherty
Sep 7 Molecular Biology/Genetics Refresher - Cancer Leonard Maggi, Jr.
Sep 14 The Genetic Basis of Disease Sanjay Jain
Sep 21 Statistics for Genomics Research  Michael Province
Sep 28 Genomes & Genome Browsers Jacqueline Payton
Oct 5 Genome Sequencing Technologies Obi Griffith
Oct 12 Genetic Variation & Disease Todd Druley
Oct 19 Copy Number Variation Yoshiko Mito
Oct 26 Research Software Resources Malcolm Tobias
Marcy Vana
Nov 2 Proteomics & Mass Spec Jason Held
Nov 9 Genome Engineering & iPSCs Shondra Miller
Nov 16 From Genomic Data to Biological Knowledge Richard Head
Nov 30 Epigenetics Ting Wang
Dec 7 Analysis of the Transcriptome Christopher Maher


Date Topic Speaker
Jan 18 Germline Genomics & Non-Cancer Case Studies Nathan Stitziel
Jan 25 Genomics of Microbes & Microbiomes Jeffrey Gordon
Feb 1 Analysis of the Human Virome Kristine Wylie
Feb 8 Biospecimen Resources for Biomarker Validation Mark Watson
Feb 15 Cancer Genome Sequencing - Clinical Implications Ramaswamy Govindan
Feb 22 Ethics & Regulation of Genomic Research Jonathan Green
Mar 1 Susceptibility Genetics Thaddeus Stappenbeck
Mar 8 Informatics Resources for Clinical Interpretation of Cancer Genome Variants Malachi Griffith
Mar 22 Precision Medicine & Healthcare Transformation Philip Payne
Mar 29 Cancer Case Studies Lukas Wartman
Apr 5 Metabolomics Jeffrey Henderson
Apr 12 Consumer Genomics Susan Dutcher
Apr 19 Clinical Genomic Testing - GPS@WUSTL Jonathan Heusel
Apr 26 Panel Discussion - the Future of Genomic Medicine Laura Bierut
Eric Duncavage
Ramaswamy Govindan
Jonathan Heusel
Nathan Stitziel