Science and Informatics Support

Research Computing

Becker Library has partnered with the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) and the Institute for Informatics (I2) to offer free trainings to the Washington University Medical Center community on a variety of research computing topics, including:

  • Computing 101
  • Python
  • R

Visit Research Computing for more details.

Software Licensing and Training

Becker Library licenses a variety of commercially available software tools to researchers on campus at a reduced cost. The tools available for licensing include (see links for details and new user licensing forms):

Training on these tools is offered periodically. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified as trainings are announced.

Other Resources

The Research Pod A cluster of customized iMacs and PCs equipped with a core set of statistical, research and presentation software packages. The Research Pod is located on the library’s first floor.
CCDC Cambridge Structural Database and Reaxys These web-based tools are licensed by Olin Library and Becker Library and made freely available to the Washington University in St. Louis community. Both can be accessed from any computer on the Washington University in St. Louis network.
WUSTL CHPC Galaxy In collaboration with the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC), Becker Library supports a Washington University in St. Louis instance of Galaxy that processes jobs on the CHPC cluster.
KEGG@WUSTL Local KEGG mirror at Washington University, provided by the Center for Genome Sciences & Systems BiologyThe McDonnell Genome Institute, and Becker Medical Library.
ChemOffice Professional Available for download and local installation free of charge to anyone at Washington University in St. Louis courtesy of Olin Library.
JMP Genomics Available for download and local installation free of charge courtesy of School of Medicine’s Division of Statistical Genomics.
FlowJo Available for licensing at a reduced cost through a site license managed by the Flow Cytometry Core in the Department of Pathology and Immunology. Check out the Flow Cytometry Core website for more information.
NovoAlign Available to anyone on the medical campus free of charge courtesy of the Genome Technology Access Center in the Department of Genetics. NovoAlign is installed on the CHPC cluster and the Center for Genome Sciences & Systems Biology cluster. For more information regarding the NovoAlign license, email the School of Medicine’s NovoAlign local contact.
Safari Tech Books Online A custom selection of the Safari Books Online Library, licensed by Washington University, that contains technology, digital media, and business books and videos.
WUSTL Software Licensing The Software Licensing office is responsible for services related to the ordering, delivering, and managing commonly used software at the University. Click here for their catalog.