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The Becker Model
There are two versions available for download.  The Reporting Template contains an additional column titled “Documented Evidence” to allow for reporting of research impact for specific indicators. If you create a report, please contact Cathy Sarli with feedback.
Glossary of Resources
The Glossary of Resources contains names and descriptions of websites, databases, and organizations that may be useful when working through the model.
Glossary of Terms
The Glossary of Terms is a more extensive list of terms and definitions related to the model and its usage.
Research Impact Readings
The Research Impact Zotero library is a collection of readings related to assessment of research impact with an emphasis on biomedical research. Zotero is a free software that allows for organizing, collecting and sharing research sources.

Project Background

Becker Medical Library Model for Assessment of Research Impact model was initially launched in 2009 and subsequently revised in 2011. Development of the Becker Model resulted from review of a large clinical trial study on glaucoma, the Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study (OHTS). For background information on the Becker Model, please refer to “ Beyond citation analysis: a model for assessment of research impact,” published in the Journal of the Medical Library Association in 2010.

Feedback is most welcome as are examples of additional indicators that can be used to document and quantify evidence of biomedical research impact. Please contact Cathy Sarli with feedback/suggestions or if you have any questions.

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Becker Medical Library:
Bob Engeszer, Betsy Kelly, Will Olmstadt, Angie Rosengarten, and Lucas Steinbeck
Ocular Hypertension Treatment Study Group:
Mae Gordon, PhD, Michael Kass, MD, Cheryl LaRue, and Ellen Long
The following individuals also provided assistance with the project:
Marcus Banks, Ellen Dickman, Ellen Dubinsky, Susan Fowler, Alison Griffith, Ruth Lewis, Mike Sarli, Pamela Sieving, and Rosalie Uchanski, PhD
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