Get ready! NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy effective in one year

The impending NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy may have once felt like a distant consideration, but (Happy New Year!) it is now 2022, and implementation is under a year from today. Starting with the Jan. 25, 2023 grant cycle, all NIH grant submissions will be required to include a two-page data management and sharing  [Read more]

Commit to using plain language in the new year

Have you wondered how to improve the documents and forms your department shares with research participants and patients? Plain language is one of the best tools to ensure your writing is clear and accessible to all. Research shows it can increase research participation, improve adherence, and overall, lead to better health outcomes.  A few of  [Read more]

Thomsonian Medicine: Herbalism, Home Remedies, and Popular Distrust of Professional Medical Training in 19th-Century America

Be sure to bundle up well this winter to avoid getting sick and catching a cold! While this common ailment has no cure, that hasn’t stopped people throughout history from coming up with ways to alleviate their sniffles, coughs and all other cold-related discomforts. In his work The book of health, Dr. Silas Wilcox described  [Read more]