Obtaining an Article Before the Internet: Reprint Requests

Back in the days before the Internet, how did authors obtain copies of journal articles if they did not hold a subscription to the journal? One common way to request a copy of an article was to send the corresponding author of the article a postcard or a letter requesting a reprint of the article.  [Read more]

Fast Facts: PubMed

Have you unleashed the power of PubMed? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your PubMed experience. Cast a wider net with subject headings When you search a topic in PubMed, the database will attempt to seamlessly add Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in the search to make sure you are finding articles  [Read more]

New guide compiles resources for DBBS students

The new DBBS Education Resources Guide contains videos, teaching tools and e-resources for computer coding, laboratory techniques and science/grant writing. It is an ongoing work in progress and new resources can be added as they are identified by Becker librarians or DBBS (Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences). When DBBS needed a practical sustainable method  [Read more]