A Self-Guided Tour for the Annual Display of Rare Anatomical Texts

Once a year, Becker Library’s Archives and Rare Books Division brings out the “greatest hits” of the rare book collection for the Annual Display of Rare Anatomical Texts. The display is an opportunity to see these spectacular works up close. Below is a self-guided tour to help provide a deeper appreciation for select items that  [Read more]

Brown Skin Matters

It may seem obvious that resources for learning about and diagnosing skin conditions should be inclusive of the variety of skin tones on which those conditions can appear, often with great variation depending on the skin tone. Yet many resources still predominantly use images of conditions on white skin. A recent story on NPR ┬ádiscussed  [Read more]

Scholarly Publishing Round-up November 2019

Learn more about the revised version of NCBI My Bibliography, a look at 150 years of scientific works from Nature, and a new policy on preprints from Nature Springer. A new version (version 3.0) of NCBI My Bibliography was launched in May and includes a new interface. Features include a color-coded view of compliance status,  [Read more]