Jerome R. Cox Jr. Papers Open for Research

Did you know the PC was invented at Washington University? Well, not that PC. The Programmed Console. In the spring of 1965, Jerome R. Cox Jr. and Wesley A. Clark co-taught a graduate course in computer design in which teams of students designed working computers. One student, V.W. “Bill” Gerth, also wrote an interactive radiation  [Read more]

Inclusive and Preferred Language for Patient and Research Participant Communication – Selected Resources 

Health and science communication best practices include developing communication that is respectful, inclusive, and accessible to your audience. Here are some resources to support your regular communication with patients and research participants using inclusive and preferred language. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Inclusive Communication Principles include key principles for general communication and preferred terms for select  [Read more]

Oppenheimer: Washington University’s connections to an American Prometheus – Part 2

Part 1 covers a few of the people associated with Washington University who played a part in the building of the atomic bomb with reference to the 2023 film Oppenheimer. Part 2 focuses on the part Arthur Holly Compton played in Robert J. Oppenheimer’s life and as inspiration for the movie. There are spoilers for  [Read more]