Remote/Proxy Server Access

Temporary Free Access Due to COVID-19

Becker Library is extending temporary proxy server access to faculty and staff at no charge through Dec. 31, 2020, so that people working from home will have full access to our resources. Students already receive proxy access automatically. All School of Medicine faculty, staff and students can simply enter their WUSTL Key on the proxy login screen, no account set-up required.

Log in to Remote Access

What is Remote Access/Proxy?

Becker Library’s proxy server provides access to the library’s online biomedical resources for individuals accessing the web via an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) network. Using the proxy server allows online journal, e-book, and database vendors to identify you as belonging to the WUSM community and give you off-network access to all the resources and full-text articles you can typically access from the WUSM network.

Who Can Request a Proxy Account (Currently not required)

Accounts are available only to current faculty, staff and students of Washington University School of Medicine. BJC and Washington University Danforth Campus faculty, staff and students are not eligible for Medical Library proxy server accounts unless they hold joint appointments or are also students in the School of Medicine.

The Olin Library proxy server is available to all Washington University affiliates, but it does not provide access to the same resources as the Medical Library.

Proxy Account Fees and Auto-Renewal

The cost of a proxy account for faculty and staff is $25 per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Student proxy accounts are free. There is no proration when accounts are requested or canceled mid-fiscal year, and refunds are not made for mid-year cancellations. Payment may be made through a Washington University departmental account, personal check or cash. Proxy accounts automatically renew each fiscal year unless canceled.

How to Request a Proxy Account (Currently not required)

Most School of Medicine students do not need to request an account, and their WUSTL Key will serve as a login. Students in the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences are an exception and should complete the request form below.

All faculty and staff must request Medical Library proxy server access. The bulk request saves time if you are requesting for many people at once, such as with a group of incoming residents, but must be charged to a Washington University departmental account.

Request Remote AccessMultiple/Bulk Remote Access Request

Using the Proxy Service

Resource links on the Becker Library site will automatically prompt for a proxy account login if one is required, such as when attempting to use a database or access an e-journal from off-campus. After logging in, you will remain connected to the proxy server through the remainder of your browser session. Should you reach a point when you no longer seem connected, you can:

  1. Navigate back to the Becker Library website, locate, and directly open the resource.
  2. Use the BeckerProxy Bookmarklet to attempt to reload the site through the proxy server. Add it to your browser from the proxy server Help and Tools.

Not all websites are proxied, and even when following links from the Becker Library site or using the bookmarklet it is possible you will find some content that is not accessible. Should you find there are sites that you cannot access – especially if they are electronic resources that you would expect to get through the Library – please contact us via the Becker Library Help page.

EZproxy Settings for Papers (Mac Users)

Mac users who are setting up login information for the Papers citation management software need a URL for “beckerproxy.” Papers will work with EZproxy (the software that Becker Library uses for proxy services).