The Center for the History of Medicine at Becker Medical Library

The Center for the History of Medicine is a division within Becker Medical Library that works in close cooperation with the library’s Archives and Rare Books Division (ARB).  The Center’s mission is to enhance scholarship and learning among students and faculty in addition to complementing ARB’s existing activities and programs.

The Center aims to be a community-building entity to encourage, support, and facilitate multi-institutional events, programs, and exhibits focusing on the history of medicine. Through these activities the Center will address its goals to educate future generations of physicians, scientists, and scholars; offer an historical perspective on the evolution of clinical and scientific knowledge; and highlight the School of Medicine’s important discoveries and innovations. It will also include programs to emphasize non-Western influences on medicine, how systemic racism has adversely impacted medicine, and historical illustrations of the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion on medical advances and patient care.