Grant Application and Compliance

Becker Library can help you with specific areas of your grant applications and also provide you with helpful content. Presentations or guest lectures on these topics are available upon request.

Contact our scholarly publishing experts for more:

Cathy Sarli, 314-362-7865
Amy Suiter, 314-362-2188

Grant Application Tools

  • Support for NCBI My Bibliography and SciENcv
  • Demonstrate a gap in the knowledge of a specific area of research for an application
  • Provide justification that an investigator is the best-qualified person to undertake research in a specific area of research
  • Review sections of an application, progress report or renewal to supplement a narrative
  • Create graphs or charts to illustrate performance and impact

Compliance Tools

  • Public access policy support for investigators and administrative staff
  • Strategies to enhance dissemination of research outputs and activities
  • Also see Compliance under Author Analytics and Support.