Print and Copy

Printing via prepaid cards no longer works in Becker Library. Prepaid cards with funds loaded may still be used for copy services. Please refer to the notes below or visit the Information Services Desk if you need assistance with printing.


WU students, faculty, and staff may print in Becker Library using any of our print release stations on the 1st floor. Send your document(s) via one of the methods below and log into Papercut on a release station by swiping your WU badge or typing in your WUSTL Key. Please watch for signs as not all release stations are color-capable.


This print queue is available on any library PC. Use print preferences to select single or duplex and color or B&W printing.


Upload your document via Select print options for single or duplex and color or B&W on upload.

Email Print

Using your WUSTL email, you may print the documents attached to an email sent to Only MS Office documents, pdfs, and images will print. Email printing only prints in duplex B&W.

Student Print Fees

Current rates, quota details, and Bear Bucks funding information are published on the Student Technology Services site. Student print fees are coordinated between Washington University IT and Student Technology Services.

Self-Service Photocopying

Self-service photocopy machines are located on the first floor of the library. The copier on the south wall and the one nearest the Information Services Desk operate via a WU badge swipe or WUSTL Key login. Some machines may be used to scan to portable USB memory or email at no charge. Patrons without a WUSTL key should request assistance at the Information Services Desk.

Badge-swipe Copy Fees

Students are charged at the same rate as B&W printing published on the Student Technology Services site.