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Archives & Rare Books Posts

Celebrating the fantastically morbid: A successful Ruysch symposium

The event featured three presentations given by members of the WashU and St. Louis community. Each presentation served to help contextualize Frederik Ruysch’s work by looking at the history of anatomy, print engravings, and similar topics.

A headband that could help you hear: The Aurolese Phone

This headband, called an Aurolese Phone, is on display along with more than 60 other hearing devices in a new exhibit at Becker Library called “How did we get hear? Historic hearing devices, 1800-2000.” Compared with the conversation tubes, ear trumpets, and more familiar-looking electronic hearing aids on display in Glaser Gallery, this floral headband seems rather out of place.

Do the lines on your forehead hold the key to your future?

When you think of fortunetelling, what comes to mind? Tarot cards? Horoscopes? Chances are you’ve come across palmistry at some point, but what about metoposcopy?