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Announcing the New PubMed

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is replacing the current version of the PubMed database with a newly re-designed version. The new version is now live and can be found at You can still access the “legacy” version of PubMed, but the newer interface will become the default PubMed sometime in spring 2020. Those who  [Read more]

Science and Informatics

The Case for Open Data

Last week, Becker Library premiered a new video, “The Case for Open Data,” during Open Access Week. The video features three researchers discussing the value and benefit of open science, open data and open access on their work. Scientists may be more or less familiar with these “open” concepts depending on their specialty as well  [Read more]

Mastering Information

It’s Health Literacy Month! Is your message getting through?

As Health Literacy Month draws to a close, here are some reminders about the vital importance of health literacy and plain language in communications with, and materials for, patients and research subjects. Health literacy is a growing concern for both providers and researchers. Nearly half of American adults read at between a 7th- and 8th-grade  [Read more]

Scholarly Publishing

Finding Tombstones in the Literature

Did you know that the word tombstone can also refer to a work that has been retracted after publication? The record for the work remains in the database as a placeholder and contains information as to the retraction along with a link to the retraction notice. Per Retraction Guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics  [Read more]

Mastering Information

#SciComm Seminars return

This fall, our #SciComm Seminars are back with exciting topics to expand your science communication skills in new ways. The series is presented in partnership with the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS). In the 2018-19 series, we learned a lot about topics like communicating genetic results, community partnerships, visual communication, and more. Here  [Read more]

Mastering Information

Fast Facts: PubMed

Have you unleashed the power of PubMed? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your PubMed experience. Cast a wider net with subject headings When you search a topic in PubMed, the database will attempt to seamlessly add Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in the search to make sure you are finding articles  [Read more]

Mastering Information

New guide compiles resources for DBBS students

The new DBBS Education Resources Guide contains videos, teaching tools and e-resources for computer coding, laboratory techniques and science/grant writing. It is an ongoing work in progress and new resources can be added as they are identified by Becker librarians or DBBS (Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences). When DBBS needed a practical sustainable method  [Read more]


Becker Library Annual Report for FY2019 Now Available

Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019) was filled with continued innovation, thriving partnerships and diligent stewardship of our world-class resources. Find details, collection and usage statistics, and more in the full FY19 Annual Report Booklet and FY19 Annual Report Supplement and Appendices. Key points are below. BUILDING ON STRONG FOUNDATIONS FY 2019  [Read more]

Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly Publishing Round-up September 2019

Learn more about CVs, scientific posters and the revised NEJM guidelines for statistical reporting. The Office of Faculty Affairs provides a template and guidance for CVs for the faculty in the School of Medicine. A new CV tool called WUPS  was recently launched by the Department of Pediatrics for all WU faculty. It is a  [Read more]

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