Research Profiles at Washington University School of Medicine

Research Profiles at Washington University School of Medicine is a publicly accessible and searchable knowledge base for exploring the expertise, research interests, and publications of the faculty, departments, institutes, and centers of Washington University in St. Louis. Profiles uses the Pure portal platform developed by Elsevier.

In addition to providing information about faculty members’ academic appointments, research interests, research output (e.g. publications), Profiles creates “scholarly fingerprints” for each faculty member with research concepts generated from a mining of publication text, abstracts, and research interest summaries.

Frequently asked questions about Profiles

  • Search for experts and potential collaborators here on campus through name, department, keyword, or concept searching.
  • See a researcher’s recent publications, and view article metrics such as citations, social media mentions, or Mendeley readers. New publications are added weekly to each profile as they become available in Elsevier’s Scopus database.
  • Extract information stored in Profiles for other internal uses including data warehouses, spreadsheets, reporting tools, and department and staff web pages to eliminate redundant data management.
  • Create visualizations of research collaborations among individual faculty members and departments within Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Provide a single, consistent, and accurate public-facing presence for commercial or non-profit entities to identify potential Washington University collaborators.
  • Easily visualize institutional collaborations with organizations worldwide.
  • Analyze a block of text and find researchers with related work.

Profiles includes approximately 2,500 faculty members from the School of Medicine. This includes faculty with the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor, and emeritus professor.

Names, current rank, departmental appointments, titles, and contact information
Populated from Washington University HRMS

Photographs and research interest summaries
Provided with the permission and cooperation of various university groups including Washington University Physicians, Institue of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS), and the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Publications and citation counts
Captured from Elsevier’s Scopus database

“Fingerprints” associated with individual and organizational unit profiles
Generated by Elsevier based on data mining of individual publications

Social media mentions
Provided from PlumX and Altmetric

Social media analytics (PlumX and Altmetric)
Updated daily

Updated weekly once a profile is established

Citation data
Updated monthly

Data from Washington University HRMS
Updated on a semi-annual basis

The Profiles team at Becker Library can assist with correcting errors or making updates to individual profiles. A faculty member or anyone they designate can submit updates.

Request a profile update

Fingerprint terms can be removed from a profile if you do not wish to be found in a search for that particular term. New fingerprints cannot be added manually.

Request a fingerprint removal

Research Profiles at Washington University School of Medicine is sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine, Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research, and the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS). Becker Library is working on the implementation and data population for Profiles in addition to providing demonstrations, answering questions, and gathering feedback to help determine whether to adopt the platform beyond the pilot year.

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