ChemOffice Professional

PerkinElmer’s ChemOffice Professional is a robust suite of scientifically intelligent chemistry productivity tools ensuring efficient design and visualization of molecules, reactions, biological entities and pathways for a deeper understanding of research outputs.

Olin Library is paying for a campus-wide site license for ChemOffice Professional and making it freely available to all in the Washington University community.

ChemOffice Professional 16.0 is the current version in the WashU site license and includes free access to ChemDraw Cloud – designed for data storage and PerkinElmer Signals Notebook Individual Edition – a web-based electronic notebook (access is restricted to the Washington University internet network).

Access software features in the site license here. Please review the install instructions.

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Becker Library Contact

If you have questions about ChemOffice Professional, please contact Maze Ndukum at or 314-362-4737.