COMPBIO (COmprehensive Multi-omics Platform for Biological InterpretatiOn) is a biological knowledge generation platform designed and invented at the Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC) at WashU. The platform can analyze single or multi-omic data entities (genes, proteins, microbes, metabolites, miRNA) and deliver a holistic, contextual map of the core biological concepts and themes associated with those entities. COMPBIO assembles these maps employing contextual language processing algorithms to scan all of Pubmed abstracts (and soon full-text articles) to identify enriched concepts associated with the entities utilizing an ontology-free approach. This novel method allows for rapid identification of unique insights that are otherwise not achievable with existing bioinformatic pathway and ontology analysis tools. The presentation of the results in the custom visualization interface enables knowledge assimilation in an unprecedented fashion.


Web-based, free to all WashU investigators and their labs. Request your lab account via COMPBIO (site accessible only from a WUSTL IP).

Local Contact

If you have any questions about COMPBIO, please contact the COMPBIO team at GTAC@MGI at or Marcy Vana at Becker Library at