Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) has a broad set of features that allow you to quickly understand and visualize your data. These features include Gene and Chem View, Human and Mouse Isoform View, Disease View, BioProfiler, Upstream Regulator Analysis, Downstream Effects Analysis, Causal Network Analysis, Canonical Pathways, MicroRNA Target Filter, Toxicity Lists and Toxicity Functions, Molecule Activity Predictor (MAP), Biomarker Filter, Path Designer, and more. In addition, IPA covers a wide range of applications and technologies including biomarker discovery, metabolomics, microRNA research, next-generation sequencing data analysis, proteomics, toxicogenomics, and transcriptomics.

IPA also includes the Analysis Match feature that discovers other IPA Core Analyses with similar (or opposite) biological results as compared to yours, to help confirm your interpretation of the results or to provide unexpected insights into underlying shared biological mechanisms. Analysis Match matches your analysis against other analyses you have created (in your Project Manager) as well as thousands of other human and mouse expression analyses curated from public sources. This “analysis-to-analysis” matching is based on shared patterns of Canonical Pathways, Upstream Regulators, Causal Networks, and Diseases and Functions.

Reach out to Marcy Vana at for information on the IPA license cost for Washington University researchers. The license year runs from November to November, and license costs can’t be prorated.


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