Lasergene Core Suite

Lasergene Core Suite from DNASTAR is a comprehensive DNA and protein sequence analysis software suite comprised of several applications (SeqBuilder Pro, SeqMan Pro, SeqMan Ultra, MegAlign Pro, GeneQuest, Protean 3D, SeqNinja, and GenVision). With these applications you can edit sequences and create maps, assemble contigs, perform multiple and pairwise alignments, design primers, discover genes, analyze and visualize protein structure, perform automated virtual cloning, create publication-quality illustrations, and much, much more.

Lasergene Core Suite is available to the Washington University community for an initial license cost of $1,200 per lab.  After the initial license purchase, the yearly license fee is $450 per lab (charge starting from the second year). The Lasergene Core Suite license year runs from August to August, with licenses renewing automatically. License costs cannot be prorated.

Lasergene Core Suite Resources

  • DNASTAR Video Library – library of training videos
  • DNASTAR Online Help – in-depth help for all DNASTAR applications (available within software and online), including videos, written tutorials, and tutorial data
  • DNASTAR Webinars – sign up for an upcoming webinar or watch an archived webinar


Becker Library Contact

If you have any questions about Lasergene Core Suite, please contact Marcy Vana at or 314-362-2796.