Lasergene Core Suite Registration

  • Lasergene Core Suite is available to the Washington University community for an initial license cost of $1,200 per lab. The yearly license fee is $550 per lab after the initial purchase, beginning with the second year. The Lasergene Core Suite license year runs from August to August and licenses renew automatically. License costs cannot be prorated.

    Please complete all fields below to license Lasergene Core Suite. Contact Marcy Vana and Lucas Steinbeck at or if you have questions.

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  • Platforms and Number of Licenses

    Please enter the number of machines on which you would like to install Lasergene or enter 0 if none. We can add to the allowed installations later if they are needed.
  • Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting this completed form, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

    1. I am a current faculty member, employee, or officially registered student of Washington University in St. Louis.
    2. I will use Lasergene only for internal academic research for Washington University in St. Louis.
    3. I will not share the product key with unauthorized users.
    4. I acknowledge that Washington University in St. Louis has entered into a license agreement with DNASTAR, Inc. to provide me with access to the Lasergene software, and that violation of the license by any user could result in a termination of the license for all users.
    5. The software and accompanying written materials are subject to copyrights owned by DNASTAR, Inc. I agree not to copy, disassemble, change, extend, add to or otherwise modify the software or the accompanying written materials.
    6. I agree to remove all copies of the software from my computers upon cancellation of my yearly license agreement or leaving Washington University in St. Louis.