Partek Genomics Suite

Partek Genomics Suite is a suite of advanced statistics and interactive data visualization tools. Partek Genomics Suite supports many microarray and next generation sequencing technologies including gene expression and digital gene expression (DGE), exon/alternative splicing and RNA-seq, copy number and association, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, and microRNA. Partek Genomics Suite supports data from a variety of major technology providers including Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina, and Nimblegen (Partek Genomics Suite system requirements).

Partek Genomics Suite (version 7) is available to the Washington University community for an annual license cost of $1,600 per lab.

Becker Library manages group licenses for both Partek Genomics Suite and Partek Flow, the license year runs from February to February, with licenses renewing automatically. License costs cannot be prorated.


Becker Library Contact

If you have any questions about Partek Genomics Suite, please contact Maze Ndukum at