Reaxys is a unique web-based chemistry database consisting of deeply excerpted compounds and related factual properties, reaction and synthesis information as well as bibliographic data, navigated and displayed via an actionable interface.  Reaxys integrates all chemical information from the former Beilstein and Gmelin databases. Reaxys can be run on all platforms which support Java 1.5 or higher and JavaScript execution. Becker Library shares the subscription of Reaxys with Olin Libraries, which provides free access for the entire Washington University community.

No registration is needed to access Reaxys. Reaxys is available directly on the web from any computer on the Washington University network. Please go to to start your search. You will be recognized if you are working from a computer connected to the Washington University network.

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If you have any questions regarding how to access Reaxys, please contact Maze Ndukum at