Suggestion for Purchase

  • The Library welcomes recommendations for additions to its collections. A member of the Collection Management staff will evaluate your request with the following purchasing criteria in mind:

    • The suitability of the topic in meeting the teaching, patient care, and research needs of the faculty, staff, and students
    • Budget constraints
    • Availability (whether or not the item is in print or in the requested format)
    • Electronic access considerations (some items may be unavailable as a single purchase)
    The Library encourages faculty members to request required and suggested textbooks for student class work with the Course Reserve Request Form.

    Duplicate copies of journals will not be purchased. Duplicate copies of print books will be purchased only if the title is heavily used and an eBook version is not available.

    Missing, lost, or damaged books are not automatically replaced, even when the Library is reimbursed for them. The decision to replace an item is based on use, subject matter, relevance to the needs of faculty and students, publication date, cost, and availability.

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