NIH and Other Public Access Policies

Grant Application and Compliance

Are you preparing a manuscript arising from NIH-funded research? Do you have other sources of grant funding such as the American Heart Association or the Department of Defense? If so, you may be required to comply with public access policies issued by these organizations. This session will provide an overview of the NIH Public Access  [Read more]

NIH Biosketch and NCBI SciENcv

Grant Application and Compliance

Are you preparing a grant application for NIH? Do you want to learn more about SciENcv? This session will review the instructions for creating a biosketch in the NIH format and include a review of NCBI SciENcv, a tool to generate a biosketch.

Online Tutorials and Videos

Tutorials and Videos

The Library has compiled a collection of online tutorials and videos covering a variety of topics. Visit the Videos and Tutorials Guide to view the collection. Topics include using Library resources, medical apps, scholarly publishing, and citation management software.

Python Workshops

Research Computing

The Python workshops are geared toward researchers new to programming and Python. Topics can include getting started with Python, Jupyter Notebook, and performing data analysis and visualization. Each workshop starts with a 30 minute presentation covering important background information and then the remaining 90 minutes is devoted to hands-on activities.

R Workshops

Research Computing

The R workshops are geared toward researchers new to programming and R. Topics can include basic and advanced data visualization, data manipulation, and genomic data analysis. Each workshop starts with a 30-minute presentation covering important background information and then the remaining 90 minutes are devoted to hands-on activities.

REDCap Workshops

Data Management and Sharing

REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online databases and surveys. These workshops cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced level topics. Anyone interested is invited to attend the workshops and learn about REDCap and how to use it to collect and manage research data. If you do not already have a REDCap account  [Read more]

Searching PubMed-Medline

Database Searching

PubMed is a database that provides comprehensive coverage of biomedical literature. During this session you will learn how to effectively and efficiently search PubMed. Topics covered include: creating/using a MyNCBI account, understanding how to use medical subject headings (MeSH), tips for constructing an effective search, and how to access full text articles. Even those with  [Read more]

Searching the Literature & Managing Your Research Workflow

Citation Management, Database Searching, Grant Application and Compliance

Save Time! This presentation will improve your competence in searching skills related to manuscript and grant preparation at all stages of your research endeavors. Learn how to conduct literature searches using databases like PubMed/Medline, SCOPUS, Web of Science and others. This session incorporates how to manage your references which includes finding full text articles, keeping  [Read more]

Selecting a Journal for Publication

Author Analytics and Support

Are you considering submitting a manuscript for publication but on the fence as to which journals to submit to? Which journal will reach your target audience? Which journal allows you to retain rights to your work? These points along with others will be reviewed to help you select a journal for publication.

The New My Bibliography

Grant Application and Compliance

Do you use My Bibliography? Have you noted the new interface and different tools in My Bibliography? This session reviews the updated My Bibliography and tips for managing citations and compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

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