Selecting a Journal for Publication

Author Analytics and Support

Are you considering submitting a manuscript for publication but on the fence as to which journals to submit to? Which journal will reach your target audience? Which journal allows you to retain rights to your work? These points along with others will be reviewed to help you select a journal for publication.

Tracking Publications

Grant Application and Compliance

Do you need to track publications for your investigators or trainees? This session will review databases from Becker Library that can be used to track publications and how to set up alerts to be notified of future works published by the investigator or trainee.

Using Publication Data to Measure Productivity and Impact

Author Analytics and Support, Grant Application and Compliance

Do you need to provide a report on your publications or include an impact statement in a grant renewal? This presentation will review how to use Scopus or Web of Science to create reports to demonstrate productivity and impact.

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