47th Historia Medica lecture – Candace O’Connor

Speaker:  Candace O’Connor
Lecture Title:  “Harriet, Hirrel, Jessie — and a Few Surprises:  The Earliest Women at Washington                                      University School of Medicine”
Location:  Bernard Becker Medical Library, King Center, 7th floor
Time:  Thursday, October 22, 4:30-5:30pm

A free lecture supported by the Becker Library and the Center for History of Medicine

For years, women were scarce and often unwelcome among the students, residents, and faculty at the Washington University School of Medicine.  But there were some pioneers who broke ground for the many women physicians of today.  Who were these early women?  What were their triumphs and failures?  This lecture will introduce them in name, picture and story.

Candace O'ConnorCandace O’Connor is a St. Louis freelance writer who has written for magazines and newspapers locally and nationally.  She has also authored eight books, including histories of the Washington University School of Medicine departments of surgery, radiology, and neurology.  O’Connor was also the author of “Beginning a Great Work, Washington University in St. Louis.”  Currently, she is working on histories of Barnes-Jewish Hospital and of Homer G. Phillips Hospital.  

* * * * *

Early Women at Washington University School of Medicine

Early Women at Washington University School of Medicine

First Row (left to right):
Faye Cashatt Lewis, Jessie Ternberg, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Carol Skinner Cole

Second Row (left to right):
Gerty Radnitz Cori, Julia Stimson, Mildred Trotter, Helen Aff-Drum

Third Row (left to right):
Beatrice Whiteside, Aphrodite Jannopoulo Hofsommer, Kirsten Utheim Toverud, Ethel Ronzoni Bishop

Fourth Row (left to right):
Helen Hofsommer Glaser, Helen Tredway Graham, Lydia Adams DeWitt, Caroline Whitney