Announcing the New PubMed

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is replacing the current version of the PubMed database with a newly re-designed version. The new version is now live and can be found at

You can still access the “legacy” version of PubMed, but the newer interface will become the default PubMed sometime in spring 2020. Those who frequently use PubMed may want to begin getting familiar with the new interface and new functionalities.

Some of the big changes between legacy PubMed and new PubMed include:

  • A more modern-looking search interface.
  • Mobile device adaptability: it should be easier to search PubMed from your phone or tablet.
  • Citation creation tools: formats citations for an article in AMA, MLA, APA, or NLM style.
  • Scrolling search results (instead of clicking through pages).

Most of the search features you use in the legacy version of PubMed are found in the newer version (e.g. MeSH headings, advanced search building, single citation matcher, etc.), but may be found under different menus or in different areas of the website. Some of the functions and look of the new PubMed may change as the NLM continues to receive user feedback.

Librarians at Becker Medical Library are happy to answer any questions you may have about the new PubMed and will offer instructional sessions in early 2020. Please send any questions to