Becker Librarian Quoted in Science Article on Measuring Academic Performance

Cathy Sarli, a senior librarian at Becker Medical Library who focuses on scholarly publishing support, is quoted in a feature titled “New tools for measuring academic performance” published in the February 10, 2017, issue of Science.

Sarli specializes in analyzing the impact of research and is a principal author of the Becker Model for Assessing Research Impact. She focuses on newer methods that go beyond simply listing an author’s publications – methods such as the h index and m value, among others.

The article quotes her as saying that “numbers and graphs are powerful but should always be presented with context.” That is exactly what she helps researchers at the School of Medicine do in her role as a librarian. Her insight helps researchers not only understand the broader impact of their work but also communicate that impact in the highly competitive environment the article addresses.

More information on Becker Medical Library’s scholarly publishing support services can be found on the library’s website.