Clinical Quality Improvement Support at Becker

Becker librarians offer robust information retrieval and management services to support clinical quality improvements by providing comprehensive literature searches, setting up customized alerts on topics of interest, and organizing resources for team-members and groups. Becker librarians are available to provide expert insight and services from the beginning to the end of your project by joining the QI team. In a study measuring clinical librarian’s impact on organizational and patient outcomes it was found that “clinical librarians contribute to a wide range of outcomes in the short and longer term reflecting organizational priorities and objectives.”1

Departments including BJH Department of Research, the Heart Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and the Division of Emergency Medicine have all collaborated with Becker Librarians to improve quality and excellence in patient care and services. To request a literature search or one on one support for quality improvement, contact Becker Library at (314) 362-7080 or
1 Brettle, A. (2016). The impact of clinical librarian services on patients and health care organizations [Abstract]. Health Information and Libraries Journal, 33(2), 100-120. Retrieved June 11, 2018.