ECRI Institute launches Guidelines Trust, replacing National Guidelines Clearinghouse

ECRI Institute announced earlier this month that its new site for locating clinical guidelines, ECRI Guidelines Trust, is now available free of charge.

As mentioned in a previous post, ECRI was the primary contractor for the previous AHRQ site, National Guideline Clearinghouse website, which was discontinued in July 2018. ECRI Guidelines Trust provides clinicians and healthcare professionals an unbiased and cost-free resource for locating clinical guidelines for evidence-based decision-making. Building on its over 20-year tenure in providing these resources, the site will include:

  • Guideline Briefs: Summarize content providing the key elements of the clinical practice guideline
  • TRUST (Transparency and Rigor Using Standards of Trustworthiness) Scorecards: Ratings of how well guidelines fulfill the IOM Standards for Trustworthiness

Unlike the previous NGC site, an ECRI account is required to use Guidelines Trust, but registration is simple and free. Guidelines Trust has a very similar look and feel compared to its predecessor, providing a seamless transition for those familiar with the filters and search navigation on the previous site. Improvements include user-friendly outline navigation for guidelines, easy-to-find PubMed links to the original article and options to print.

If the login-blues are destined to keep you from using the new site, you can find alternatives for or speedy clinical guideline searches in our previous post.

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