Free Bioinformatics Training at WUSM

Becker Medical Library offers free trainings to introduce researchers to the fundamentals of biomedical research computing, basic programming concepts and tools, and to prepare researchers for ongoing learning.

Have you participated in any of the introductory genomic data analysis workshops through Becker Medical Library?  Are you interested in additional in-depth training to learn more about genomic data and gain bioinformatics experience? If so, check out the free Bioinformatics (BFX) workshop series sponsored by the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS). The BFX workshop series is a yearlong training program open to anyone on campus who is interested in learning best practice methods, programming, technology, and genomic data analysis. Lectures are recorded and participants can join anytime throughout the year.

The BFX workshop series includes a variety of topics that discuss infrastructure, tools and best practices available for local, hybrid and cloud computing technologies for analysis of genomic sequence data. The lectures are designed for researchers who want to learn fundamentals of computational genomics, and use the information to expand their knowledge and improve their research.

BFX workshop topics are presented by experienced researchers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds in bioinformatics, medicine, computational biology, genetics, computer science, oncology, virology, information systems, microbiology, immunology, and many other combinations of both data and biological sciences.

Get additional information and access past BFX workshop series materials here.

Register now! The fall 2023 and spring 2024 BFX workshop series is starting September 11th.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jenny McKenzie from ICTS at or Maze Ndukum from Becker Library at