Frequently asked questions about managing citations with EndNote

EndNote is critical for researchers preparing manuscripts and grant applications. The software allows you to find, store, create and share research references. Becker Medical Library provides support to faculty, staff and students using this product at all stages of their research endeavor. Here are five of the most common questions we receive about EndNote.

Does WashU provide discounted licensing of EndNote software?

  • EndNote is freely available on the Research Pod computers in Becker Medical Library.
  • You may also purchase the desktop version at a reduced rate for your own computer via WUIT Software Licensing.
  • Go to to access the free web-based version, EndNote Online, or create an EndNote Online account while searching the Web of Science database.

Can I configure my EndNote application to download full-text articles that are accessible to me via Becker Library?

Please access our Manuscript Preparation Guide for instructions on enhancing your full-text retrieval rate when using EndNote. Click on the guide's “Managing Citations” tab, and under the EndNote section, you will find the Becker Medical Library EndNote Open URL and EndNote Online Higher Rate of Full-text Retrieval document.

Is it possible to link EndNote between multiple users?

Yes! Since sharing relies on EndNote’s sync services, you must first set up your EndNote account and fully sync your library before you can share. View this short how-to video for more information. Note, however, that you can only sync one library.

How do you add EndNote citations to a Word document?

View the three-minute Cite While Your Write Adding Citations to a Word Document video for a simple tutorial.

Does the library offer EndNote training?

Yes! Individual or customized group training sessions are available, as well as monthly classes in a formal class setting.

Please contact Kim Lipsey at (314) 362-4733 or if you have any questions about EndNote software.