Get ready! NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy effective in one year

The impending NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy may have once felt like a distant consideration, but (Happy New Year!) it is now 2022, and implementation is under a year from today.

Starting with the Jan. 25, 2023 grant cycle, all NIH grant submissions will be required to include a two-page data management and sharing (DMS) plan. The plan outlines how the investigator will store, protect, and ultimately share research data generated from NIH funds.

For a comprehensive overview of the policy and what to include in a DMS plan, watch one of our recorded informational sessions:

Whether you’re feeling ready or this is the first you are hearing about it, Becker Library’s data management and sharing services and the Institute for Informatics are well underway preparing to support you and the entire WashUMed community for this new requirement. In addition to the educational sessions like those mentioned above, we offer consultation services that include:

  1. Review funder, publisher and data repository DMS documentation related your grant
  2. Discuss what to include in a DMS plan for your grant proposal
  3. Review and provide feedback on your DMS plans
  4. Help find a domain-specific data repository for sharing your data
  5. Review and provide feedback on your data and metadata prior to submission to a repository
  6. Providing an institutional repository if no domain-specific repository exists

Now is a great time to start developing a framework for a DMSplan. If you would like to discuss a DMS plan for a current or future project, please get in touch with Chris Sorensen at

Additional resources

The DMPTool is a web-based application that provides templates and guidance for many data management and sharing plans from several funding bodies, including the NIH DMS plan. You can log in with your WUSTL Key and password. This tool walks you through what to include in each section of your plan, provides example plans from other researchers, and allows you to share your plan with colleagues for easy collaboration.

Look for more resources on this topic from Becker Library and the Institute for Informatics in the coming year.

Additional useful links: