Healthcare resources for refugee and immigrant patient populations

Last year over 1600 refugees settled in Missouri and an estimated 3.7% of the state’s population is made up of immigrants from around the world. Refugees and immigrants often have unique healthcare needs and can experience significant barriers to receiving treatment. Below are some resources that medical students, physicians, and other members of our healthcare provider community may find useful in providing optimal care to refugee and immigrant patients:

Books from Becker Library:

Note: You must be on the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) internet network to access eBook titles

Immigrant Medicine (print book, click on book title link for availability)

Encyclopedia of Immigrant Health (eBook)

Refugee Health Care: An Essential Medical Guide (eBook)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Refugee Communities: The Importance of Culturally Sensitive Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (eBook)

Journals from Becker Library:

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health (must be on WUSM network to access)

Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies (available via Olin Library, must be on WUSM network to access)

Web Resources:

Refugee and Immigrant data resources (from the Becker Library Global Health Libguide)

HealthReach: This site, from the National Library of Medicine, provides health education materials in various languages, and healthcare provider tools (including best practices, cultural information, and effective use of interpreters)

EthnoMed:  Contains information about cultural beliefs, medical issues, and related topics pertinent to the healthcare of immigrants and refugees.

Medline Plus: Provides patient/consumer health information handouts and other resources in multiple languages

Voices of Care: Promoting Wellness in Refugee Health: Communication: This video provides valuable information about communicating with refugees and others who speak different languages. Includes tips about how to effectively use a translator while communicating with patients.

International Institute of Saint Louis: The International Institute offers comprehensive adjustment services for refugees and immigrants in our community. They can help immigrants and refugees with job training and placement, language classes, and linkages to healthcare services.

You can find more healthcare resources for refugee and immigrant patient populations in the Global Health Resource Guide: