54th Historia Medica lecture – How Infection Shaped America: Lessons from Irish Famine

The 54th Historia Medica lecture

Speaker:  William G. Powderly, MD
Lecture Title:  "How Infection Shaped America:  Lessons from Irish Famine"
Location:  Bernard Becker Medical Library, King Center, 7th floor
Time:  Thursday, November 10, 4:30-5:30pm

A free lecture supported by the Becker Library and the Center for History of Medicine.

William G. Powderly, MD of the Washington University School of Medicine will present the 54th Historia Medica lecture, “How Infection Shaped America:  Lessons from Irish Famine” lecture on Thursday, November 10 at the Becker Medical Library.  

Dr. Powderly will examine the role of infection in human history, review the interactions between starvation and infection as causes of death, and examine social and political influences on the health in the context of environmental disasters.