Listen: Designing training and support in a new era of democratized data

How can WashU transform to enable rapid cycles of learning, publishing, and implementation of ideas, all accessible to faculty and students alike?

Chris Sorensen, PhD, Senior Support Scientist at the Becker Medical Library, joined the Talk Data Podcast from MDClone to discuss how WashU has designed its training and support in a new era of democratized data.

MDClone is a free, secure, self-service platform for building queries and downloading computationally derived (“synthetic”) data from the Institute for Informatics, Data Science and Biostatistics (I2DB) research data core. Since the data do not contain protected health information (PHI), their use is not classified as human subject research.

Sorensen talks about the step-by-step training process, introducing synthetic data, and more broadly his role in providing data-related support to the research community, ultimately highlighting the importance of sharing data for scientific discovery.

To begin using MDClone, please read the Instructions for Requesting Access. View Becker Library’s upcoming MDClone workshops or schedule a consultation to learn more.